The Milwaukee Skeeball League

Demone Knocks Tim Down a Hundo or Two

In a crazy turn of events in the leaderboards, we have new leaders in 3 categories! With Scott’s departure, Tim and Andy looked flustered. There was a slight tear in both of their eyes as they rolled their first frame without him if I recall correctly, and unfortunately our photographer wasn’t present to capture the moment. Both players rolled below their averages with their new teammate / sub Gina picking up the slack! The Heebie Skeebies and The Stepdads saw this as their moment to strike while the iron’s hot. The Heebies shot into first place rolling a Skeeson high of 1063 with The Stepdads chompin’ at Skeeny Jeans heels rolling a 1029! James upped his average with 2 Curtis Jacksons (50 Cents) to knock on the door of that coveted league leader position, while stripping the 50 Cent title from “Primetime” Tim. Demone from the Stepdads rolled a personal Skeeson record of 402 with 19 yes that’s right, 19 hundos out of the man giving him the hundo leader title over Tim by 4, which makes us all wonder… if he is an ET after all…  It’s gonna be a great 2nd half of the skeeson ma people. Boom goes the dynamite.

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