The Milwaukee Skeeball League



We had a hell of a night on the lanes last night in the Milwaukee Skeeball League. Tear of joy, tears of anguish, a lot of emotions if you will. In a nail biter decided by 6 points, Skee for Vendetta was BARELY ousted by Skeen It who are on their A Game for sure. Skeez Nutz with a sub from the bar rallied in their second game to squeak by #1 seeded Skeedentity Crisis by less than 20 points. Brass Monkskees took it to the beasts of Beskeeality skating by them with what seemed like ease from the crew after their first win. Lastly, the Sweetest of Baby Skeesus’ rolled past I Can Skee Clearly Meow by a decent margin, which seems to me that the squad rolling cold unfortunately paid for it. Great Final Four Matches ahead!

Nice rolling this Skeeson to all of our teams! The individual tournament bracket is being concocted as we speak, so keep an eye out for that fated skeemail. Skee Milwaukee rolls on Saturday at 11:00AM! We’ll have the machines on free play, hold a quick tourney before our Final Four teams roll at 12:30. Take a group photo directly after when we roll into our individual High Roller Tournament. 1v1 best out of 3. Winner moves on to roll another day. Looking forward to skeeing you all up there Saturday! Rest those rolling arms, and may the best rollers win!

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