The Milwaukee Skeeball League

Feb 14th – Love on the Lanes – A Skeeball Dating Mixer!

Nothing to do for Valentine’s Day? Looking to meet some attractive members of the opposite sex in the same boat? Have a date and want to show off your skeeball skills? No matter your answer, join us this Saturday – February 14th – Valentine’s Day, for what we’re calling LOVE ON THE LANES… A skeeball dating mixer! We start at 9PM, with the infamous BARTENDER AUCTION… you heard me right. We’ll be auctioning off a handful of BBC employees (myself included, yes… you heard me right once again), with the lucky pairs all going to a Brewers outing this Spring – so there’s no time to break out the pocketbooks like next weekend! All proceeds from the auction will be donated to a local domestic violence charity, along with Animal Fairy Charities – a non-profit dedicated to the prevention of animal abuse.

The auction will run from 9-10 with the lanes being put on Free Play shortly thereafter. From 11-1AM we’ll have our featured “Love on the Lanes” event, where we’ll make random pairs for 1 on 1 matches, along with team matches so you and your future eye candy can try and take down the competition in a series of games and tournaments. All of those participating will be entered to win the extra Brewers tickets we’re giving out throughout the night! Skee you all on V-Day, and be sure to practice up for showing off to your future lover. Skeeson IX just kicked off in the league, where teams of 3 can still join us next week!


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