The Milwaukee Skeeball League

Milwaukee Skeeball League – Skeeson IX.V Finale!

The Milwaukee Skeeball League Finale!

WOW, Skeeson IX.V went by FAST! As a quickie Skeeson anyways, I expected it. But how are we ALREADY hitting August? Didn’t summer just start? Yikes, either way – our final match is this week at 7:30 between the infamous Skeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the always entertaining Monkey Skee Monkey Doo. Can’t wait for the balls to get rollin!

I’ll have the lanes on practice just before 7:00pm, we’ll roll the final match and jump straight into our High Roller Tourney (listed below) to skee who finishes on top! Feel free to come early, stay late and enjoy the lanes, as we’ll probably be finished up around 9PM I would guess. Might throw in a Skeelz competition, Skeevivor or Around the World into the mix after we finish up!

If you can’t make it and you’re listed on the bracket below (Sue, you’re #17 but plan to add you into the tournament either way SHOULD everyone else show up.), please let me know ASAP so I can adjust for anyone else that might want to join.

Look forward to see you all one last time this Summer! Enjoy the weather this week!


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