The Milwaukee Skeeball League

National Skeeographic – Week 2 – Vol 1 – Collector’s Edition

We have a new leading team on Wednesday nights! The ROOKIE team I Can Skee Clearly Now headed by Johnny Nash (I presume is his last name, courteskee photo to the right) and his team of ragtag rollers started out of skeer talent and ambition last skeeson. Johnny subbed in for Deborah during the finale, as she was unable to grace us with her amazing presence, and LOW AND BEHOLD the Dragonballs Skeed their best and won the coveted Championship title for Skeeson V. Johnny, spurred by his newly discovered talent – vowed one thing… to form a team and win that chalice on his own accord. And boy howdy, so far so good. I Can Skee Clearly put a spanking to his old comrades defeating them 933 – 866. Bill, a fellow rookskee hoping to skee clearly – has come out the gate STRONG. He’s got the 3rd place average on Wednesday nights trailing only to Debby and Demone, the two rollers “Fired Up” this week. They both rolled a 367… Who’s got week 3 yous twos? It’s gonna be a nail biter! Also gotta shout out – Gigi and Kaci these two “sisterz” as they say, are separated by a mere 1 point in their averages. Who’s got it this week? And what does the loser have to do? Tune in Wednesday the 19th to find out! I know I’ll be there.

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