The Milwaukee Skeeball League

National Skee-ographic – Week 3

Milwaukee Skeeball

Rolling into week 3, we’ve got a tie for our number one spot between Steve of Sweet BABY Skeesus, and Brandon of the confused, yet on fire Skeedentity Crisis squad. These two assclowns, tied at 421 are going to have quite the night ahead of em at the Skee Milwaukee. The match of the week at 8PM should be quite the DOOZY between these two heavy hitters, so be sure to stick around or come early for the showdown. We’ll see which one of them can truly utilize their aiming skills on the commode, as this week’s crazy ball involves reaching between the legs, one way or another…

Both of these rollers put up HUGE numbers on the skeeball lanes last week, and only hope to improve their average and add to the hundo count. Two weeks until our first mid-skeeson stretch, so bring everything you’ve got!

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