The Milwaukee Skeeball League

Skee Milwaukee Finale – Skeeson X!

Well that was a great Saturday for Skee Milwaukee if I’m allowed to say so myself. Had a great time with all of you there, and thanks to all of our rollers, sponsors and to BBC for another great Skeeson. 10 in the books! Wow, feels like yesterday we were all simply rookskees figuring out what the *#^% a bank shot is.

We’ve made it! We’ve made it to the big skeeagues!

Skee Milwaukee

Hats off to our winning team Sweet Baby Skeesus, as they rolled through Skeen It by a score of 1109-1000 and going BEAST mode in the finals against the Brass Monkskees with a score of 1254-1057. Great rolling to all of our final four teams! The Sweet Babies took home some killer trophies and $100 cash each! The Monkskees walked away with the near flawless run to the final match, along with some swagtastic hats from Old Style and PBR. Skeen It had a hell of a run this Skeeson, hats off to their wrecking force, and look forward to seeing the run next Skeeson! My team, well we (OK, I) fell apart. Sh!t happens, nice run Skeez Nutz!

Skee Milwaukee 2

Our individual tournament came down to none other than Chris from Beskeeality and Steve from Sweet Baby, where Mesko pulled out all the stops… and took Steve down in the final match. Nicely rolled fellas! Steve however did take home the hundo shootout, if anyone was wondering. Couple of other great rolls from Deborah and Heather hitting close to his number. Great times with great company, another Skeeson in annals of history at BBC! (I’m hoping to get a plaque up near the lanes one of these days. We need to show the world who’s boss from Skeeson to Skeeson in Skee Milwaukee)

Thanks once again to each and every one of you for making the 10th Skeeson another success at BBC. Look forward to rolling into the Spring! Due to Summer drop out, we’re most likely only rolling two sessions next year. We’ll be starting a month later than usual most likely and few weeks earlier in the fall potentially. Still plotting things out assuming I’m still in Milwaukee. We’ll probably do more events like this to keep everyone’s whistle whet with skeeballs. Not to reference Chris’ odd rolling technique, or to go NC-17 on you all. TOO LATE!

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