The Milwaukee Skeeball League

SKEE WARS – A Star Wars Tournament!

Skee Wars Flyer

IT’S SKEEFICIAL – SKEE WARS : THE ROLLER AWAKENS  is live next week Tuesday! We’ll start with some padawan training at 7PM (practice rolling), roll into the Battle of Jaaku around 8PM (our tournament) and finally knight our newly tested jedi and welcome them into the Republic (give out prizes)!

For a measly 5 credit entry (5 US dollars, sorry. I WISH I accepted galactic credits), I’ve got TWO pairs of tickets up for grabs. The 7:10PM show Thursday the 17th, and the 7:10PM show Friday the 18th at the Oriental Theatre on Farwell across the street from BBC. We’ll have other Star Wars goodies up for grabs as well to our other top ranking jedi of the night. Join our facebook group and invite your friends!

Pending turnout, we’ll roll a 1 on 1 best of 3 tournament, hundo shootout, skeelz challenge, or a mystery game to see who truly has control of the force. If you can levitate a skeeball, you automatically win. May the best roller awaken next Tuesday!

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