The Milwaukee Skeeball League

Skeeson I Kicks off at Up-Down Milwaukee!

Skee-ball is back baby! We kicked off this past week at Up-Down on Milwaukee’s East Side and their four glorious lanes. Indeed Brewing Company is sponsoring the league with $1 off beer specials along with a bunch of other giveaways throughout the league.

We had a couple of intense matches this week to start things off on a hot note, as the ladies from Skee Me Rollin’ and Better Late Than Pregnant squared off rolling almost identical scores. Skee Me Rollin’ narrowly rolled past them by 14 points with a final of 694 to 680. Andrew from M-G-I-Skee blew away the competition with two moneyball hundos in his hundo frames worth a whopping 20 points each towards his total score! He’s above and beyond the pack with a 349 average, with Jacob and Kimm rounding out 2nd and 3rd just shy of a 300 average.

We’re off this week for the Holiday break, so stay tuned for the schedule posted later this week for the 28th, and remainder of the skeeson. Practice up over the break, and enjoy some turkey!



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