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Skeeson V – Mid-Skeeson Predictions

Hey Hey Hey – fancy seeing you here. We’re halfway through this infamous Skeeson V, and we’ve got some interesting weeks ahead of us. We still have a 3 teams sittin pretty at 4-0, and a couple at 3-1. These matches will be happening in the next few weeks, so get ready for some competitive rollin.

Match of the Week: Skeeny Jeans vs. Stepdads

These two teams are duking it out for 2nd place as we speak. With Demone coming off of his highest week yet, they’re poised to strike at the pantlegs of the Skeeny Jeans. It may have been the tightness of the pants that tied them together, so we’ll see how this unfolds, one ball at a time.

Rivalry Match: Farskee Girls vs. Boozeskees 2

These teams overlap some rollers occasionally, and even have family ties. We’ll see if they can set their differences aside and have a good old fashioned family roll-off with no hard feelings, or if blood will be spilt on the lanes. Only 159 points separating these two teams in the middle of the pack, so we’ll see who ends up doing the dishes next week before skeeball.

Rookskee Watch: Andy Leading the Pack

Andy’s got the rookskee title currently, but dropped a few points this past week leaving an opening for Rob from the Rookskees and Billy from Dragonball Skee to sneak into the race. They’re both a mere 4 points behind Andy’s average. This is going to be one to watch getting down to the final weeks.

Other teams to watch out for

The Hot Pockets are still locked in at 4-0. These ladies bring it every week and keep us all entertained with “Motorboating for Jesus” which has thrown my game off a time or two, not gonna lie. Keep an eye on them come playoff time.

The Rookskees have made quick work of getting used to the lanes. All 3 members are competing for the Rookskee title, and have maintained a solid 6th place halfway through. We could see a big upset out of these guys in the future.

Check back for more previews and Super Roll Forecasts next week!

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