The Milwaukee Skeeball League

Skeeson XIV Free Skee Event!

We’re back! Skeeson XIV kicking off this Wednesday with our first free skee at our new home – Steny’s Tavern. This event is open to everyone old and new to the league, no need to be a professional. Planning to roll a tournament or two, give out a few sponsor prizes and get ready for Skeeson XIV starting end of the month!

We’ll hold our FINALS REMATCH Wednesday the 20th assuming both of our teams from last Skeeson have a full roster. Hepatitis Skee and Skeen It – REPORT IN THIS WEEK and let me know!

Can’t wait to skee you all again. Hope you’ve had a great Summer and let’s get ready to roll!

Remember – refer a team of 3 and skee for FREE this session at Steny’s!

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