The Milwaukee Skeeball League

Twerky Turkey Tuesday With A Bang

Whatever the theme was, it worked out all too well. People dressed to the 9s, drank classy beer from champagne flutes, and rolled some rediculous scores compared to the normal averages. Allan, Leanne, The Skeemers and RESPESkeeT sported that classy look that Tim was hoping to present, until he spilled some fruit punch on his yellow pants, and had to resort to the baby blues. Rocked those even harder. Justin looked like some sort of dirty mexican bartender that was looking for tips and pretending not to speak english all night. Killed it in my opinion. Hot Pockets came with that English Gangster look that was spot on and rolled proving their G attutude, and motorboatabilities. Dragonball Skee was a personal favorite, rocking suits – cane and top hot included. Way too cold. Hope that cane came in handy later that night. After the overwhelming enthusiasm behind this year’s event, we may have to continue the tradition next skeeson. But take it to the next level… whatever that means.

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